Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado
Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado

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28 June, 2024

For decades, the construction of special machinery has been the main activity of Metalúrgica Marina, a Basque company currently in a phase of diversification. One of its key projects is the development of the ‘Sua Jauna’ System in collaboration with Mundo Pua. This is the first European home fire suppression system capable of acting on the initial phase of a potential pan fire in a residence.

“In the coming weeks, the mass production of this life-saving system will begin. It detects and extinguishes fires in a domestic kitchen and will be available for purchase next month,” announces Rober Aretxabala, Business Development Manager at Metalúrgica Marina. With the Sua system, “we will have a firefighter in the house 24/7,” he emphasises.

The Sua system is an intelligent system that detects and extinguishes any type of flame produced in a domestic kitchen within an average time of four seconds, differentiating between flambés or flare-ups and a potential fire. “The Sua system identifies the fire, uses a specific foam for cooking oils as needed based on the type of fire, and automatically resets itself,” he explains.

Manufacturing of Rolling Mill Rolls

In addition to this innovation, the Biscayan company is also focusing on the manufacturing of rolling mill rolls, having acquired a new facility and specific machinery. “One of our flagship products is the textured rolling mill rolls for engraving fibre cement and synthetic woods,” says the company representative.

Moreover, with nearly 75 years of experience, Metalúrgica Marina manufactures special machinery such as heat exchangers, aeronautical tooling, high-speed engraving machines, or any machined assembly. “Our products have various industrial uses such as cooling, energy generation, and optimisation of our clients’ manufacturing processes,” he details.

With this range of products, the Erandio-based firm serves sectors like energy, petrochemical, aerospace, steel, naval, construction, oil & gas, engineering, and railway. “Our client portfolio includes major companies such as Iberdrola, Repsol, Petronor, Grupo Plycem, Navantia, ArcelorMittal, ITP Aero, and Sener,” enumerates Aretxabala. The Basque company primarily operates in the national market but also conducts some international operations for clients across the American continent.

Metalúrgica Marina’s current workforce comprises 70 people, and the medium-term forecast is to expand it “with specific profiles both in organisation and skilled workshop workers, given the very favourable outlook for an increase in orders,” announces the Business Development Manager.





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