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26 September, 2022

Executing an 11 million euro investment is a major challenge for most companies. Doing it in the middle of an economic storm, with inflation rising by the month, is a real feat.

Despite the economic climate, at its core, the Burgos-based multinational Acinesgón was clear that it was facing a unique opportunity to strike out and reinforce the key lines of its business model even further. Several months previous, the company had decided to no longer outsource the coil brushing process. To undertake this task, they acquired two machines, measuring between 40 and 60 metres in length, to enable them to perform these finishing and printing tasks in their facilities located on the Logroño highway. However, the dimensions of these tools posed another problem: a lack of space in which to continue developing the rest of the branches of activity. Poised to dive in the deep end, they also opted to build a modern new 10,000 m2 logistics centre in Villalonquéjar IV (over 6,000 m2 of land) to operate as a storage regulator for its six storage facilities in Spain -seven including Burgos-.

“There is no other company in Spain that carries out this type of process inside their own facilities in the thickness, width and length ranges that we will be dealing with. And it's all completely automated,” explains Javier González, general manager of the Acinesgón Group.

So, with two open fronts separated by a little over ten kilometres, the company has invested almost 11 million euros over recent months. “We were clear that we wanted to build in Burgos either way,” he clarified. Starting with the Services Centre at the start of the N-120 road opposite the La Ventilla neighbourhood, the economic injection came to 3 million. The works consisted of extending the building by several metres to accommodate the new coil brushing machines Acinesgón is working with. “We had several clients looking for us to provide a texturised finish with different grains, sanding or brushing,” explained the general manager. The company's former partner showed a lack of interest in innovating and growing towards the future and so the Burgos firm advocated for breaking ties and taking on the treatment itself. “We intend to integrate more vertically and offer a better service,” he said. Acquiring new equipment to carry out this integration process, however, created a compelling lack of space in which to store the other three product ranges: in addition to Flat parts (coil and sheet) which already fit in the Burgos-East site, these are Pipes, Profiling and Accessories.


Hence, after investing another 8 million, they have built a 10,000 m2 storage centre in Villalonquéjar IV to centralise all the material that is not processed with the newly purchased machines. The initial intention was to grow close to their existing facilities, but the lack of available space meant they turned to another major industrial estate in Burgos. From this site, the dimensions of which are unprecedented for the city of Burgos, all manner of materials are distributed to its branches in Valladolid, Madrid, Asturias, Navarra, the Basque Country and Vigo. “We wanted a highly functional industrial building with no obstacles, that we could use as we saw fit,” said González. Depending on the type of commission, these are sent there, or directly to the ordering client. Currently about 300 trailers leave the facilities in Burgos-East every month and now from Villalonquéjar IV also, with an average of 8 fully finished coils per day -approximately 80 tons-.

Inside the facilities, up to three different trailers can be loaded and unloaded at the same time, entering the building directly to perform these tasks. The process is fully automated and will generate 6 to 7 jobs directly when it is operating at full capacity, in addition to the 2 posts to be filled for the N-120 Services Centre.

Founded in Burgos 42 years ago, the Acinesgón Group has followed a consistently upward trajectory. With turnover reaching 30 million in 2017, a mere five years later, this had more than doubled to 61 million last year. According to data from last Tuesday, 30 August, turnover for the year to date was already at 55 million, with forecasts for year-end 2022 set to reach the 70 million mark. “We were very clear that we wanted to build in Burgos. I feel very proud of this city of ours,” concluded Javier González.


Source: Diario de Burgos.




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