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Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado

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16 November, 2022

This year two different organisations have bestowed awards for Digital Transformation upon Factor Ingeniería y Decoletaje.

Firstly, the Valencia Chamber of Commerce at its annual event held to celebrate the Valencian Economy and, secondly, Femeval (the Valencia Metal Industry Business Federation) at the 20th edition of the FEMEVAL Awards.

With these awards, both entities recognise the efforts made by businesses and publicly showcase their contribution to the general interests of the Valencian economy.

These Digital Transformation awards presented to Factor acknowledge the degree of digitalisation and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies applied to planning, execution and control of production, as well as strategic planning and corporate culture.

Maturity in the realm of digitalisation is honoured, although this is not a new concept for metal industry companies. For many, this began back in the eighties with the incorporation of the first computers and numerical control equipment. There are more companies working in the Industry 4.0 environment all the time.

At Factor, digital transformation processes enable new lines of business and products to be identified that can contribute greater added value to their clients. Their main interest is to assist them by bringing innovation, technological development and artificial intelligence to their products. Nowadays, organisations need to be ambidextrous, to make the most of their current activities and to explore new market opportunities.

This transformation would not have been possible without the collaboration of strategic partners like Femeval, AFMEC, IVACE, Technological Centres, Universities and European bodies.

These awards are dedicated to their true stars, the 70 plus members of the Factor team and, especially to founding partner José Gastaldo Marí, in this, the 40th anniversary of the company's establishment.




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