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Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado

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23 July, 2021

FACTOR increases its machining and turning capacities through its two strategic lines of technology and productivity.

FACTOR’s investments are always made on the basis of three parameters:

  • Following their strategic lines of growth
  • Catering for client needs
  • Increasing productivity while reducing costs

On this occasion, FACTOR has increased its productivity with three new pieces of equipment:

Turning: Nakamura WY150 Compact Loader

This new equipment can produce parts with diameters of between 20 and 150mm.

Its key feature is that it incorporates a loader/feeder for compact semi-finished or raw components, developed with space saving in mind. This is a loading/unloading device built into the machine.

It cuts down on cycle times times for parts that require loading/unloading of pre-formed or raw components cut to size (not from bar), removing operator intervention (manual part-by-part feeding), which reduces the cost of the part.

Machining: Kitamura HX300 Machining Centre

In line with its investment strategy in new product lines, this centre increases its technological capacities and its parts range.

Characteristics of the machining centre:

  • 4-axis CNC horizontal machining centre
  • Maximum part dimensions: ø500×745 mm
  • Medium and long series
  • Starting material: block or pre-formed part (melting, injection, stamping, etc.)

This machining centre is integrated with the rest of the Industry 4.0 equipment and the production process is controlled online.

Finishes: Finishing equipment

To reinforce the finishing section, FACTOR has incorporated a piece of equipment that can meet a wide range of surface requirements.

To create a perfect and speedy finish for different types of parts, both lathed and milled.

More post-machining finishing options are now available. They are now equipped to debur, smoothen, roughen, buff and polish any type of part in any material.




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