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Goimek provides its clients in the aerospace industry with machining, lathing, tool manufacturing and measuring services. For the latter, the company has the collaboration of Zeiss, leading company in industrial metrology. This support is crucial so that Goimek obtains the necessary skills and know-how to tackle highly complex projects in the industry.

The relationship between the two companies was established in 2006 and is still bearing fruit after 15 years, as evidenced by the three Zeiss measuring machines, the best tools for this service. However, every machine must be in the hands of highly qualified personnel with advanced knowledge of industrial metrology and precision machining processes, a requirement that is more than fulfilled by Goimek:

  •         Zeiss Prismo: It is the machine for smallest parts which offers an uncertainty level of less than a micron. Also, it has the most precise 4th synchronised axis on the market, a Vast Gold head and an RDS rotary head.
  •         Zeiss Accura: Made for medium-sized parts, it is the most versatile machine within Goimek´s measuring services. It is a tool capable of high performance, without neglecting precision. It also features software for measuring unknown profiles and irregular geometries.
  •         Zeiss MMZ B: It is the measuring machine for large dimension components (6000X3000x2000). A CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines) tool with really low uncertainty levels. It also has a Vast Gold head that can handle lengths up to 600 mm.

Having this type of tools simplifies the manufacture of complex parts such as compressors, blisks or reflectors. Their components can only be measured with advanced software modules and specific hardware. If you are looking for an expert partner in the precision machining of these elements, with more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry, we will tell you here why you should choose Goimek.

The process

To ensure the correct measurement of a part, a comprehensive study of the drawing is first carried out followed by an agreement with the client to determine the measurement process, providing advice where the client´s needs it most. Once this task has been completed, the off-line programming is carried out, the programme is executed and a report of the results is provided in the format chosen by the client so that the data can be processed in a simple and productive manner.

A few examples

These are some of the tasks that are carried out within this measuring service:

- CAD-based inspection: Comparison with a 3D nominal makes programming easier and faster by ensuring that the design created by the client is replicated.

- Prototype and first sample verification: Provides control over the first product samples before iterative launches are carried out. Moreover, in an industry such as the aerospace sector, where serialised parts rarely exist, having the sensitivity required by the drawing engraved is a decisive factor.

- 3D inspection with Zeiss Calypso software: It is a very intuitive and stable software. In fact, it is the best software for regular geometry on the market.




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