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Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado

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21 February, 2022

Ineos has already begun adapting its production lines (the mechanics, painting and general workshops) to start manufacturing the Grenadier parts in early July 2022, according to plans. Production staff have begun to receive training and are assembling the first Grenadier prototypes.

In this regard, the same sources highlight that the best components on offer in the automotive sector have been sought out. The company underscores the search for maximum quality in its choice to go with the ORAN Group, a Cantabria-based company that has been selected to manufacture the bodywork reinforcement parts, up to a total of 24 subsets. These parts, manufactured in galvanised steel, are 24 bodywork components, mainly from the side structure that joins the chassis to the roof. These elements are vitally important for the definition of the Grenadier’s compartment, as well as for passenger safety. These subsets are distributed along the wing area, in the three pillars A, B and C and on the upper struts.

Also, in order to reinforce the set more solidly, ORAN also manufactures the upper frame of the windscreen and a transversal beam located under the rear seats of the Ineos Grenadier. These components allow Grenadier to maintain a solid structure in the tough conditions the vehicle is designed for.

The ORAN Group is an industrial group with over 80 years of experience in component manufacturing. With Ineos Automotive Group, ORAN has had the opportunity to be Tier 1 in this project, submitting stamped and soldered subsets, which are sent directly to the Hambach plant (France). In the Grenadier, the name ORAN joins those of top tier suppliers. Its experience in special projects, alongside its flexibility in terms of production processes, always guaranteeing the most rigorous quality standards, have been the key factors for securing the project.





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