Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado
Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado

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07 December, 2023Mecanizados Baikor, a company with more than 30 years of experience, has carved a niche for itself among the leaders in the precision machining industry by offering comprehensive solutions in the manufacture of molds, tooling and components, as well as the assembly of customized assemblies and sub-assemblies. With a team of 18 workers and the handling of a wide range of materials, from steels to plastics, Baikor serves multiple sectors, including automotive, railway, industrial, agricultural, food, aeronautics and capital goods.

The history of Mecanizados Baikor dates back to its founding in 1992 in Arrasate-Mondragón, driven by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the machining world. Their commitment from the beginning was to offer high quality products at competitive prices. In 2003, the company took a crucial step by moving to its current location in the Markulete industrial park, with a 1,500 square meter plant. This move allowed them to expand their capacity and improve the quality of their services.

But if there is one decision that marked a significant milestone for Mecanizados Baikor, it is the acquisition of new machinery for the manufacture of 3D design parts. "This commitment to incorporate new technologies and modernize our production process has opened the doors to the demanding aeronautical sector," stresses Martin Arzamendi, director of Baikor. Thus, this strategic decision allowed the Gipuzkoan company to grow and diversify in the market and began exporting its products to France and Germany, "consolidating new customers in both countries and strengthening our international presence," adds Arzamendi.

"At Baikor we foster a culture of excellence both in the training of our human team, with a philosophy of continuous improvement, and in the quality of our products. Our combination of experience and ambition for the future, together with the production capacity necessary to meet market demands, makes us a benchmark company in our sector and our next steps will continue along the same lines," says the director of Baikor.





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