Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado
Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado

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21 December, 2023In 2018, and after more than 60 years in its Martutene workshop, Suguz moved to a new 1,300-square-meter pavilion located in Andoain from where it continues to offer comprehensive machining and carving services. But this has not been the only change in recent times, since although it traditionally worked with small parts, "we have now moved on to making larger parts, thus opening up to more markets", points out Imanol Arrieta Egurrola, Suguz's manager.

The Gipuzkoan firm carries out all types of machining of prototypes, parts from drawings or samples, single parts or short series, tooling... "We even design parts and assemble assemblies in our facilities, thus ensuring the perfect fit and operation of the final product", assures the sole administrator.

With more than 65 years of experience, it performs "an integral manufacturing of the product, from the purchase of the material and its machining, to the finishes, treatments, grinding and/or coatings that may be necessary", emphasizes Arrieta Egurrola. In production, it uses all types of steels, special alloys, aluminum, technical plastics and other non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper and bronze, among others.

In addition, the Basque company focuses its efforts on providing greater reliability to the work it carries out, for which it has a metrology and measurement laboratory. Thanks to it, the company achieves a series of benefits such as the development of a standardized measurement system; greater control of product quality; comparative analysis for detecting faults and repeatability and metrological traceability in the industry.

With the aim of improving its products, "both in terms of quality and efficiency, or improving machining times and delivery times, we are constantly studying the possibility of making new investments," says the manager.

Repair parts

The Andoain-based company mainly produces repair parts for the research and machine tool sector. It also manufactures tooling, prototypes and clamps for companies in the railway sector, the automotive sector and companies dedicated to the manufacture of large series. "Our market is that of industrial goods mainly in Gipuzkoa, and we also operate in the State", indicates the company representative. The company has a turnover of around two million euros a year.

Suguz's staff is made up of 20 people, "with the forecast of increasing it slightly", Imanol Arrieta points out. In this sense, the Basque company has set social objectives to try to help the most vulnerable. "In Suguz, for some years now, we have had a percentage of handicapped personnel, people in problematic or special situations", emphasizes the manager.





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