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Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado

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24 May, 2021

Alsimet has deployed a system for data acquisition and management in order to achieve complete control over its supply, production and distribution operations.

Alsimet, a leader in the iron and steel sector specialized in the distribution and transformation of metals, required the design of a solution that would enable it to define, scale and automate tasks and processes while guaranteeing data integrity and optimum, stable and predictable performance.

After a thorough analysis, it was found that their old business management system had been developed using a standard application with many custom developments that did not cover all of their needs and could not be adapted, and was therefore inefficient for a company like Alsimet which, with its main offices in Valencia and service centres in Madrid and Barcelona, offers customized services adapted to the exact requirements of each client, and has eight commercial delegations to attend clients throughout Spain.

Technically, the project was very complicated, given the quantity of modifications and customizations that had been added to the platform in different moments. In addition to this, to design an efficient new system, a deep understanding of the working methods of the production environments and the needs of each area in the company was required.

In view of this, they decided to implement a new ERP system, in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity of their business processes. This also avoided the obsolescence of an ERP that could not be updated nor allowed the development of new functions.

The implementation of the project has been achieved in a very short time, connecting many users in all of Alsimet’s delegations, who now have complete access to the information they need from any device and from any location.

The ease of use of the system, with a short learning curve, has meant that the adoption process has been very fast, allowing Alsimet to achieve substantial improvements in efficient use of their information, thanks to a modern, integrated system oriented towards decision-taking, of special importance in the management of their delegations, automation of tasks and approval procedures, demand management, data unification and automation of banking procedures.

The main value of the business solution they have implemented has been the ease of access to company-related information, which allows informed decision-making by their staff and managers, while at the same time leading to significant savings in platform administration, since new custom developments are no longer needed.

Alsimet’s project has been a significant challenge in technological development and consultancy, since its success required linking a deep understanding of the technical possibilities of the platform with precise knowledge of the value chain of the client, for whom precise control of the time needed for decision-making and immediate availability of up-to-date information were two key elements.

Source: Interempresas




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