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Asociación de fabricantes de mecanizado

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02 July, 2024Metalúrgica Marina has made an important leap in its business of manufacturing industrial engraving rollers with the recent award of a contract to manufacture thirty of these equipments for a customer that has plants in the U.S. and Central America. The importance of the order, which guarantees the company a workload for two years, will force it to expand its facilities and machinery to handle this new work, in order to create a new line specifically designed to handle this contract.

As confirmed to Empresa XXI by Gorka Marina, CEO of the Marina Group, which also includes the companies ARA Transferencias Térmicas and Herluce, the delivery of these rollers will take place throughout this year and the following year and will involve significant investments not only in machinery, but also in new machining processes, since until now it had manufactured short series of this type of equipment, mainly for the construction materials, cement and synthetic wood sectors.

New production line

The new production line will be located in an additional 500 m2 hall where a 30-ton boring machine recently acquired from the Czech manufacturer Tos Vansdorf will be installed. This new machine will enable Marina to considerably increase its machining capacity and, at the same time, to manufacture larger rolls of between 2 and 3 meters. All the machining of these rolls will be carried out on its new line, while the final finishing will take place at the company's other facilities.

However, this is not the only important contract recently won by the Biscayan company. Specifically, it will also carry out its own development of the custom engineering and turnkey construction of two 60-ton rotary furnaces for lead smelting for Exide's facilities in the province of Soria. One of the furnaces will be delivered this year and the second one the following year. Likewise, the subsidiary of the family group ARA Transferencias Térmicas has just won an order from Navantia for the manufacture of several fresh water coolers to be installed in the submarines built by the public company.

On the other hand, the company participates as an industrial partner in an innovative device against fires in domestic kitchens. It is an initiative that emerged from the hand of the entrepreneur Pruden Iriondo, a firefighter with whom Metalúrgica Marina collaborated to finish developing the equipment, which uses Artificial Intelligence to detect fire in pots and pans and activate an autonomous extinguishing system in a controlled manner through the use of corrosive foam liquid.

Source: Empresa XXI




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